FACILITIES - Murray Lodge

At Murray Lodge, our facilities have been designed to provide the comfort and well being of our residents as a top priority and we ensure that their surroundings are always modern, comfortable and functional.

Murray Lodge is set on a large block of land at Wilston, offering several areas where residents can relax. As well as our inside TV room and verandah, a spacious garden area outside provides a peaceful setting for residents, as well as being large enough to accommodate get-togethers, activities and barbecues. Murray Lodge is comprised of two buildings with the front building housing our women and high-care residents. The back two-storey building is home to our more able-bodied gentlemen. Residents are encouraged to personalise their bedrooms and common areas and requests to help them achieve this are welcomed and supported.

What Supports Does Murray Lodge Offer?

Domestic Supports

  • Staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Nutritious home-cooked meals provided daily
  • Morning and afternoon tea and supper
  • Cleaning of residents personal area
  • Personal laundry
  • Residents birthdays celebrated
  • Residents’ phone to make and receive calls
  • TV lounge with Foxtel
  • Wheelchair access and accessible shower and toilet

Our aim is to ensure our surroundings are modern, comfortable and functional.

Medical Supports

  • Supervision of all medication
  • Doctor visits weekly
  • Visiting Pathologist
  • Psychologist visits fortnightly
  • Visiting Podiatrist
  • Appointments arranged for Dental, Optometry, Physiotherapy etc
  • Continence management

Daily Living Supports

  • Emotional support
  • Support for residents with cognitive impairment
  • Assistance with personal hygiene, if required
  • Cigarettes/tobacco apportioned/disbursed as agreed
  • Assistance with budgeting if required
  • Assistance to access other community services if required
  • Hairdresser/barber visits regularly

Entertainment and Social Services

As well as ensuring our residents’ home life is of a very high standard, we also encourage our residents to enjoy an active social life. At Murray Lodge we have developed strong relationships with various community and volunteer groups who organise free regular excursions and/or spend one-on-one time with residents. We encourage personal independence and social integration, where appropriate. We offer opportunities to the residents for enriching their life. For example, we encourage residents to develop and maintain a healthy social life by involving them where possible in excursions, activities, sports, hobbies and voluntary work. To this end, we take pride in the invaluable assistance given to us by non-government agencies, local church groups and a variety of volunteers. Whilst one agency provides assistance to find work or education places for those residents who are capable and interested, other agencies and volunteers help residents to achieve new goals be it learning a new craft, a sport, going to church or shopping, or just learning the skill of keeping their room tidy! The social contact and support between residents and outside persons is priceless in building personal self esteem and in increasing the enjoyment of life for our residents.

7 Murray Street Wilston Brisbane Qld 4051 || Phone (07) 33562461